+500 free Fortnite thumbnails for your Youtube videos

New, season 3 of chapter 2, this is therefore accompanied by an update of the different pack of Fortnite thumbnails! Above you’ll find everything you need to personalize your videos.

The Dysse team also finds you the best thumbnails for your different videos that we discovered on Twitter.

Pack of 50+ thumbnails for your YouTube videos

Miniatures designed by the graphic designer and YouTuber by Jello FN

You find different miniatures with different skins in different situations.

To download his thumbnails you have two options:
You can take a screenshot of the image you want, or you can download the videos and through an editing software extract the different thumbnails.

100 free Fortnite thumbnails

The Youtubeur StealthyFN offers a very large pack of 100 Fortnite thumbnails for your different videos.

You will usually find what you need.

Link to thumbnails: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-_SdgQAyrGQ

Some tweets

Free Fortnite miniature model

Creator’s description:

Fortnite miniature model by tempoarts
twitter @tempoartsyt
Link to download the thumbnails:

Buy her * new * graphic design pack!

(Photoshop required)

Some others Thumbnails

100 miniatures Fortnite gratuites

Pack of 100 Fortnite thumbnails for your different videos you will normally find what you need. Thumbnails are not customizable, they can only be saved with editing software.

Link to thumbnails: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NEla1ZkvRhk

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